Monday, July 20, 2009


Hernando de Soto is generally credited with introducing pigs into North America. The descendants of these swine are considered a nuisance species throughout the Southeastern United States and regularly hunted.

“…and they took with them a large drove of pigs which had been brought over in the fleet to meet any emergency.”—Ranjel’s account

“The Governor had brought thirteen sows to Florida, which had increased to three hundred swine;”-- Elvas relation

“When they were returning they met with a sow which they had lost in going, and which had brought forth thirteen pigs, all differently marked in the ears. Hence, we may believe that the Indians had divided these animals among themselves, and that they are now reared in Florida.—Garcilaso de La Vega

At the 17th C. Searles event in St. Augustine members of the incredibly cool
Bartholomew Bramble's Schoole of Defence AKA Bramblers who had just completed a period boar hunt. Not only did they help feed the camp with fresh pork but they also greatly entertained all the soldiers, buccaneers and distaff with their tales of the hunt, ‘tripod’ pigs, and weapon wound analysis.

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