Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ponce de Leon Clothing Part 2

Okay, so this "trousers" thing is bugging me. It is the 21st centurty, let's try Google Books! I find an online version, in Spanish, of Historia de las Indias By Bartolomé de las Casas c.1875. I try searching unique words and names near the passage in question,"naborías" and "Bobadilla" for example. I find some hits but nothing is matching, even with my limited Spanish skills, something is amiss. I know this section of the book is only a few pages past Book Two in the Collard translation (which is an admittedly abridged version of the original three volume work, but also, as near as I can tell the only published English translation at all!) so I check the table of contents and the mystery is solved, on page one - "Libro Tercio", it is the only the third volume. Further checking reveals that as of this date its also the only volume that Google has scanned and posted. Alas, I'll have to try for interlibrary loan.

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