Friday, May 27, 2011

Drake's Raid Latest info

Here's the latest information that I've got on the annual Drake's Raid event in St. Augustine, which is but a week away.

Greetings from the Officers and crew of Drakes Men.
This years 25th annv. of Drakes. Being so plans are in the works to make this years event truly special!
Arrival for set up in camping will begin at 12 noon June 2nd at the Fountain of Youth. Your tent and gear must be time period correct. We ask you remove your vehicle from the grounds once you have unpacked , please do this before you set up. No vehicles will be allowed after 8am sat the 4th- until Sunday morning the 5th.
This year we will have a parade to announce the siting of El Draco(Drake) this will happen the 3rd. We will muster at 5:30 on the corner of St George and Cathedral downtown. We will be honoring Robert Hall the father of reenacting in St Augastine. To end the parade we will be firing muskets and drilling at the redoudt. Diner and jollification to follow at FOY
The taking and burning of the town will be Sat. June 4th.
Muster in the parking lot of FOY at 6:15 pm (TROLLY TO LEAVE AT 6:30pm)
Battle to begin at 7 pm at the redoubt
Diner and jollification to follow at FOY
Brian Bowman: Overall Field Commander
Chris Clark & Chad Light: Spanish Commanders
William Kunze & Jeff Johnson: English Commanders
Melissa Johnson: Distaff

...And the older information:

Join us on June 4th, 2011 in the 25th reenactment of Sir Francis Drake’s Raid on old San Agustín.. During the day (June 4th) a 16th century-style military encampment will be open to the public at the Fountain of Youth Park and will play host to drills, demonstrations and living history interpretation from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The reenactment of the sacking and burning of the town will commence Saturday evening at 7:00 PM in the old city, beginning at the Old City Gates and ending in the Plaza. This military display is intended to symbolically commemorate the temporary abandonment of the city of St. Augustine by Spanish colonial forces. After the town was looted and burned by Drake’s men, the Spanish returned to rebuild upon the same streets you walk on today!

Drake's Raid is hosted by Companies of the Historic Florida Militia: The Men of Menendez, Heritage of the Ancient Ones (HOTAO), & Drake's Men.

Supported in part by the St. John’s County Tourist Development Council

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