Saturday, April 16, 2011

De Soto Landing Reenactment

2nd post today. Can you tell schools out today and I'm at home with my daughter?

De Soto National Memorial held its annual Landing Reenactment and last day day of the Park's Living History Camp last Saturday. The event has grown quite a bit since Calderon's Company began doing the landing 10 years ago. At the time Bill Burger had acquired at wooded boat being used as a yard decoration. With extensive repairs it became serviceable, enough that we rowed across the Manatee River from De Soto NM to Snead's Island about 1/2 mile in 2002.

Last year a new boat that De Soto National Memorial had commissioned joined the fleet. This year the Park added a small swivel gun to their boat, so we had two boats ans two cannon.
Elizabeth Neily has been kind enough to post some video of the 2011 landing reenactment on you tube.

Four members of FLH's Company of Ponce de Leon traveled across the State to join us.

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