Saturday, January 8, 2011

The King Site Sword

One of few large relics of the conquistadors found in the US is the King Site Sword, thought to have come from the De Soto expedition.

A Spanish Sword from the King Site

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  1. Truly remarkable the discovery of such relics from the Hernando de Soto Expedition. I just wonder when State Archaeologist Dr. Ryan Wheeler and the FLBAR along with the Museum of Florida History will finally allow De Soto's National Memorial to honor the very reason for their own existence? De Soto's 1539 Landing. The Florida Department of State still keeps that thing locked up tighter than Ft. Knox and won't even acknowledge it exists publicly. It's as if the Federal Government is trying to pretend Florida History never happened at the same time Bradenton keeps on commemorating it did, Tim. I've known you for almost ten years now. If it wasn't worth it I'd have said heck with it a long time ago. Respectfully. I'm just trying to do what the Keeper of the National Historic Register Ranger Janet Snyder Matthews told me to do and there is like no cooperation (zero) at the SHPO level whatsoever. I am contemplating moving to Bradenton so maybe I'll see you someday? I want to volunteer all I can to help preserve all that your National Memorial down there stands for. Thank you. Respectfully, Loren Blalock

    PS. Is Ranger Pardue still in charge? Nobody tells me nothing at the NPS. Probably because of all the stupid things I did trying to save De Soto. But when you are the only one standing between history getting the honor it deserves and it's becoming lost again and forgotten forever publicly then maybe people will realize someday exactly where I was coming from? Who knows? I know at the FLBAR they know 1539 happened. They've had it under their microscopes in the archaeology lab for over two years. Welcome Home Florida History, that's all I've ever asked them to do down there. Yet, the government decided to dump De Soto down a superfund toxic waste repository here in Missouri using federal funds and now nobody can do anything about it. That's my biggest problem I have with historic preservation and preserving America's rich, cultural heritage unimpaired. Nobody is authorized to do anything sometimes especially when it matters the most, eh. Thanks for your Entrada Blog. This is wonderful work you are doing. Keep it up.