Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Ship!

A series of small domestic disasters has kept me from posting, or rather its kept me from being inspired enough to post.

In any event some news, from this mornings St. Augustine Record the inspired me enough to post:

'16th-century' ship to be built

In 2011, professional shipwrights using wooden nails and ancient tools will build a 16th-century Spanish caravel, a type of three-masted ship that sailed with the fleet of Don Pedro de Menendez, founder of St. Augustine.

Its tentative name: "St. Augustin."...

Great news if indeed they can pull it off. Fund raising, is of course the critical and according the news story 2010 will be spent doing such along with the design phase. As to the tentative name"St. Augustin", I should think San Augustin would be more appropriate.

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